LED Dimmer Mechanism – Electronic


THC LED 250TMWE Dimmer Mechanism, requires on/off switch to work.


LED 250TMWE dimmer mechanism, requires on/off switch to work.  

Dimmer mechanism only, may not be suitable for all LED’s.

The following information only relates to dimmer mechanisms with the ‘/250’ suffix after the product code.  Our standard variable speed dimmer mechanisms are not compatible with LED lights.
Our LED dimmer mechanisms are manufactured in Australia by HPM and therefore meet all Australian standards and are of the highest quality available to us.
Accordingly, our dimmer mechanisms will function with quality LED lights that have been designed to be used with a dimmer. Generally, if your LED light is manufactured by a reputable lighting
company, then our dimmers should function correctly.
However, while our dimmers are compatible with the majority of quality LED light brands, we cannot guarantee that they will function with cheaper, imported LED lights.
Before ordering any of our LED dimmers, it is important to check whether the LED light in question is compatible with a HPM 250TMWE series dimmer mechanism. This information should be
available from the place of purchase or from the light manufacturer’s website.
Period Details  Pty Ltd will not accept responsibility for any dimmers that have been purchased where the data specifications for the LED light are not available or the manufacturer has advised
that it is not suitable for use with a dimmer

Solid Brass knobs in a finish to match your switch plate are sold separately.

Flat Plate Accessories

Suit flat plate range of switches only.

Available accessories include: Telephone, Data, Digital TV, Coaxial, Pay TV., Dimmer, Fan Controller, 3 way, 15A & 35A rocker mechanisms.

Important information:

Accessories are not suitable for use with power points.

This is an order item, allow 3-5 days for it to come into our warehouse.  We can special order for a faster time frame but this will increase the freight costs.


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