CES Series 60 – Art Deco Bakelite Switches/Period Switch and Accessories – Timber Mounting Blocks


Timber Mounting Brackets for the Art Deco Series

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The following range of Period Switch is available in an undercoat grey.  Ready for a top coat colour of your choice.

71UC : Suits 61 series, 140mm x 96mm x 25mm

72UC: Suits 62 and 64 series, 140mm x 140mm x 25mm

73UC: Suits 63 series, 140mm x 188mm x 25mm

74UC: Suites 65 series, 140mm x 235mm x 25mm

This is an order item, please allow 5-10 days for it to come into our warehouse.  We can special order (1-2 days) for a faster time frame but this will increase the freight costs.


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Mounting Blocks to suit Deco 60 Series

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