This range of door knobs is made from solid cast brass and then polished and lacquered or plated into in a wide variety of finishes.

The Milton range offers a round stepped knob , long back plate 200 x 50mm D54mm P73mm, this backplate can be punched for a skeleton or euro key or converted to a privacy set.  The same knob options are also available on a shorter 125 x 50mm backplate or on a round rose of 54mm diameter.

Our Victorian simple round knob is available on a 142 x 42mm backplate, a round rose 57mm diameter.  A slightly smaller knob is set up on a 60mm backplate which has been set up to cover pre-existing 54mm holes.  The knobs are sheet brass (with threaded spindles) and backplates are for forged brass.  Matching connector bolts are supplied.

Also available are reeded door knobs (or bee-hive) on a round rose and fancy knobs to match our door knockers and centre door pulls. Many other styles are available, so have a look around and find what suits you dream home.