Period Details has over 30 years experience in selling and installing
pressed metal in residential and commercial buildings.  Have a chat to us
about your plans/ideas.  We can provide you with suggested layouts and
pattern choices. 

At Period Details showroom in Bayswater you will find a wonderful display of Australian Made pressed metal panels, cornice and borders.   The base material is .55mm aluminum which has been specially formatted to allow for pressing.   As it is made from Aluminum it is suitable for both internal and external use and will not rust.  After pressing the panels, cornice and borders are treated in a non-chromate chemical bath making them ready to paint or powdercoat.  The non-chromate solution washes off the grease which is part of the pressing process.  Before finishing you may notice small scratches on the panels, cornice and borders.  These scratches are covered by the paint or powercoat.  If you would like to leave the panels silver you can polish them out with a metal polish such as Autosol.

If you are using our panels as a Kitchen/Laundry Splashback or in a Bathroom we recommend powdercoating.  Period Details powdercoat in the Dulux Duralloy, Alphatec, Precious, Pearl and Kinetic powders.  We also have access to colours from Interpon and Jotun.  Powdercoat is paint in a powdered form with resin added.  It is sprayed onto the aluminum and then baked in a large commercial oven.  It can be easily cleaned with a soft soapy cloth or a micro fibre cleaning cloth.  Do not use any harsh chemicals.  Dulux advises:  “If the cleaning product recommends using gloves then it is not suitable”.

For a ceiling or feature wall Period Details recommends painting the panels etc after installation.  Use a primer/sealer/undercoat and then a top coat.

When installing as a kitchen splashback Period Details cap exposed edges with:  timber dado, aluminium wallboard capping or 10mm square aluminium rod.  Period Details can also supply 15 x 15mm, 20 x 20mm, 25 x 25mm and 32 x 32mm angle iron. 

Installing as a Splashback

For fixing to walls Period Details use and recommend Soudal High Tack Fix All.  This is a commercial grade super strong sealant, adhesive and filler with a very high initial tack. Made in Belgium, it can be applied in all weather conditions both internally and externally. It is non-staining on porous natural stones and paintable.   Allow 1 tube of Fix All per panel of pressed metal. 

Once the panels are installed we chaulk with Roberts Maxisil N Natural Stone Silicone.  This is a high performance neutral cure silicone which cures on exposure to air humidity. Made in Germany, it has very good adhesion to metals and is non corrosive. Suitable for use with a variety of materials including aluminium, marble, granite, terrazzo and other kinds of natural stone, ceramic (glazed/unglazed), glass, porcelain, painted, untreated and varnished wood.  One tube per 5 sheets.

Installing on a Wall

When installing on a wall use the Soudal High Tack Fix All adhesive and small rivets.  The small rivets are used where the sheets overlap to minimise the join. 


Panels:  1837 x 620mm (coverage 1830 x 610mm)

  1. Raw @ $125.50
  2. Powdercoated : Duralloy/Alphatec colours @ $180.50
  3. Powdercoated:  Metallic: Precious/Pearl/Kinetic colours @ $215.50

Panels:  1837 x 925mm (coverage 1830 x 915mm)

  1. Raw @ $145.50
  2. Powdercoated : Duralloy/Alphatec colours @ $215.50
  3. Powdercoated:  Metallic: Precious/Pearl/Kinetic colours @ $244.50

Wallboard Capping/10mm Square Aluminum Rod, 15/20/25mm Aluminum Angle:    PER METRE

  1. Raw @ $11.00
  2. Powdercoated : Duralloy/Alphatec colours @ $22.00
  3. Powdercoated:  Metallic: Precious/Pearl/Kinetic colours @ $27.50

Timber Dado:  PER METRE

  1.  Raw:  $7.70

 Soudal Fix All – High Tack – commercial grade adhesive made in Belgium – 1 tube per panel

  1. $18.95 per tube

Roberts Maxisil “N” Silicone – made in Germany – colour fast – will not bleed – great for stone benchtops

  1.    $26 per tube

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