These flat pate accessories and designed to suit the flat plate range of switches only. Available accessories include: Telephone, Data, Digital TV, Coaxial, Pay TV., Dimmer, Fan Controller, 3 way, 15A & 35A rocker mechanisms. These accessories are not suitable for use with power points.

Dimmers and fan controllers are variable speed and require a switch to turn off and on. Dimmers are 400VA and are suitable for most applications including low voltage down lights and incandescent lights. Important: Only dimmers with the “250” suffix are LED compatible. Some overseas LED globes do not dim. Please read notes in the LED dimmer options.

Standard switch mechanisms supplied are 10 AMP – 2 way. 15 and 35 AMP mechanisms are available (rocker only), 3 way intermediate rocker switches are available (to suit flat plate ranges only).